19 May 2019
24 Apr 2019

Event Info

  • Venue: The Avenue, V&A Waterfront
  • Thursday, 16 May (12h00-18h00), Friday, 17 May (12h00-20h00) & Saturday, 18 May ( 09h00 – 14h00)
  • There will be NO race pack collection on the day of the event.
  • The V&A Waterfront parking is paid parking.
  • There is free parking on Main road Greenpoint and walk down Portwood road.
  • If you are collecting on behalf of someone else download the Letter of Authorisation and bring it with you
  • Come prepared with your ID and race confirmation SMS sent earlier in the week.
  • Pick up a race envelope with 1 race number, tog bag sticker and safety pins.
  • Collecting for someone else? You’ll need the same confirmation SMS and copy of his/her ID and a letter of authorisation
  • Your timing chip is part of the race number and will be attached to the race number that goes on the front of your shirt. Please do not bend or tamper with the chips in any way.
  • All participants will get their event tee at race pack collection. Please note that t-shirt sizes are limited and therefore cannot be guaranteed. There will be a t-shirt swop shop at race pack collection.

Club Runner

  • Display your ASA license number on the back and front of your shirt
  • Place the event running number over the front license number with the header displaying as per the image below.


Non-club runner

  • Display you race running number on the front of your shirt
  • Display your temporary license on the back of your shirt.



  • Entry substitutions can be done at race pack collection only.
  • The person that is substituting will need to have the race number of the initial entrant. They will then need to update their details on the system and pay R50.  Once this is completed they will receive a card with their details on and will be eligible to claim a pack and t-shirt.
  • NB: They will receive the t-shirt which was ordered by the initial entrant. No exchanges will be made.
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The FNB CAPE TOWN 12 ONERUN Events team are actively trying to make a difference to conserve water through our water management plan. We are currently working with the city, Western Cape Tourism and our disaster management team to put the appropriate water provisions and solutions in place.

In all plans, we will always adhere to the Western Province Athletics Domestic Rules, with regards to athlete hydration.

The majority of our entrants come from the Western Cape Region, and are aware of the dire situation the province and specifically the City of Cape Town are in with regards to water and restrictions.

In 2017 the geographical estimation of our entrants was: 0,1% of our entrants were international, 15% were national and 84.7% were from the Western Cape region.

We will have the following in place at the FNB CAPE TOWN 12 ONERUN 2019

  1. We encourage runners to run with a hydration pack/water bottle and be self-supportive.
  2. Staff working on the event will be issued with a reusable bottle to refill water at pre-determined water stations.
  3. All suppliers will be signing a service agreement specifying their usage and where that water comes from, and are required to show a commitment to our water management plan.
  4. Cement blocks will be used for weighing down structures.
  5. Our sachet water supply is provided by K3 Water, who will not be using City of Cape town water.
  6. Any water sachets that are not utilized at the FNB CAPE TOWN 12 ONERUN will be kept and donated to our charity the SPCA to use for the animals.
  7. Coke is a sponsor and will be bringing in product from up country.
  8. All bottled water used will come from outside of the city of Cape Town.
  9. There will be no showers available.
  10. All ice water from the water points will be collected and used as grey water.
  11. There will be no mist sprayers.
  12. We will be hiring portable toilets from Sales Hire. They are chemical based. The water used in them is grey.
  13. Waterless soap solutions are being provided in VIP toilets.

Finally, we would like to encourage runners and supporters to use our top 5 water savings tips to support water saving in the City of Cape Town.

  • After running, take a revitalising 2 minute shower, and make sure you put a bucket in the shower to catch those extra drops, then use them to water your plants or to flush your toilet.
  • If you are using sachet water on your run, don’t  throw the a half empty sachet on the road, rather squeeze it onto the grass or flower bed nearby. Then recycle the plastic sachet in out dustbins on route.
  • Install flow restrictors on your taps and shower heads.
  • After exercising, don’t run the tap to drink water, rather fill up bottles of water, switch the tap off and then drink.
  • The weather is very hot at the moment, be clever, use quick drying, breathable kit.

Download CT12 Water management plan

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